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We shall endeavor by our actions and deeds to promote a favorable relationship with the general public through an increased awareness and education of the historical significance of these vehicles and the heritage associated with their development.

We pledge to actively support, promote and contribute to a recognized charity as determined by the full executive. 

It is our firm desire to see the Cowichan Cruisers Car Club executive continually strive to expand membership, expand fund raising activities and continue in charitable work in perpetuity.

The goals:

  • to promote the sport and hobby of enjoying or owning, altering, building, and modifying classic cars, trucks, vans, modified hot rods, motorcycles and other collectible vehicles of interest;
  • to encourage family participation in such sport and hobby;
  • to promote friendship, help fellow clubs and organizations by attending their functions, supporting our local communities and charities; and
  • to educate the public concerning the history, legend, repair, building and modifying automobiles of both past and present years which may be subject to government regulations. 

An individual need not own an automobile to become a club member just have an interest in the collectible classic or modified automobile.  Members shall meet and network ideas and contacts to encourage updating and customization of automobiles. 

Club members will be welcome to participate in car shows, tours and cruise nights.  Club activities shall include but is not limited to BBQs, Swap Meets, Car Washes and other fund raisers.  The Club and its members may make presentations for schools and civic groups and may support other car clubs, historical associations and scholarship programs.

(Mission Statement and Goals as approved by Executive March 6, 2014.)